User-Operated Internet Fund

Our belief is that users themselves should collectively own and operate the internet locally. That leaves room for a rich global economy to be created on top to facilitate access as well as sharing and exchange of services, content and information. A healthy balance of power will not come about if the future of the internet is decided upon among a handful of big tech companies and incumbent telecom operators.  A proprietary internet driven by closed vendors protecting their own market share with black boxes is hostile to the innovation that we wants to deliver. The Technology Commons Trust wants to power the redecentralisation of the internet, and pave the way for an internet for all operated by and for users.

The User Operated Internet Fund is a fund managed by the Technology Commons Trust in partnership with the NLnet Foundation, a recognised philantropic organisation and the support of the Network Steward of the PKT Cash project. The User Operated Internet Fund is designed to fulfil the PKT vision of "internet by the people for the people", and more generally to promote open innovation in service of the public interest. This is achieved by way of microgrants for independent developers of free and open source hardware and software. That could be you!

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Not your topic? Take a look at the other funds operated by Technology Commons Trust. If you want to dedicate a significant amount of cryptocurrency to the public benefit, we are eager to help you make the most of it together with our partners. We will handle the trust part, while a charitable partner can help establish a thematic fund, a regional fund, or a named fund - whatever is the most suitable. Please contact us to discuss what the options are.

This fund is operated by NLnet Foundation. NLnet has a rich history going back to the earliest days of the internet in Europe, and has over four decades of expertise in effectively supporting projects with real-world impact. A look at the project portfolio is the best way to get convinced that your money is in safe hands..

No cryptocurrency, but still want to donate? You can donate directly to NLnet from the comfort of your regular bank account!