Open Firmware Fund

Modern electronic devices typically derive their functionality because of embedded software, often referred to as firmware. Firmware suffers from all the normal weaknesses of software, but has the additional handicap that the interface to the device is often very limited — or even completely inaccessible to users. For most people it is hard to appreciate how critical the role of firmware is for our safety, and how dangerous it is that we cannot exercise the same scrutiny towards firmware as we can with regular software. Not to mention that when a vendor stops supporting a device and there is only proprietary firmware, users have nowhere to turn.

To us it is clear that open firmware is the way forward. It has the potential to make the technology we depend on as society last longer (which prevents e-waste), be more responsive and robust, and because it is open allows everyone to innovate or just keep on using their existing equipment — regardless of whether a vendor still feels like supporting it or not. We believe users themselves should always be in full control of whatever technology they depend on, on every layer of technology. The Open Firmware Fund makes a concrete contribution, by supporting the concrete development of open source firmware.

The Open Firmware Fund is a fund managed by the Technology Commons Trust in partnership with the NLnet Foundation, a recognised philantropic organisation. The Open Firmware Fund is designed to promote open innovation in service of the public interest. This is achieved by way of microgrants for independent developers of free and open source hardware and software. That could be you!

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Bitcoin: 1GUm6FF7Fon6Umrt5CSi3AxxYg8dM2NKvV

Monero: 89eBqUwoCpnPoUKD367kJm3Gsw639EUSdG3xwUyQmDroKHWHPyhYmJ63uP41ArHfPsBihNFTYjASpRUGaeSyp3JS9BmtjpQ

PKT: pkt1qyv4gmnvvg2vfyj89e63thzj68jf2y9k7ssee7v

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This fund is operated by NLnet Foundation. NLnet has a rich history going back to the earliest days of the internet in Europe, and has over four decades of expertise in effectively supporting projects with real-world impact. A look at the project portfolio is the best way to get convinced that your money is in safe hands..

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